Royal Rangers patrol 139 Terry Riddles Lt commander

Hi my name is Terry Riddles one of the Commanders of patrol 139 in Oroville California. I wanted to share with you the work we are doing in Oroville, in an attempt to lead boys to serve our lord and savor Jesus Christ. With the schools of today the way they are and in a world were the famly and church is mocked, the pressure that come to one who wants to serve God is hard. But as adults we learn that if we depend on Christ we can and will prevale. For a child today it seems that this is hard and they are lost in the wildreness. Thay need men to help them to find the trail, that will lead them the dirrection that God wants them to walk on. Please if there is any one that work with other Rangers. That would like to share with me the work that has been done in your patrol. Please E-mail me at
listed to the side are other peaple that are working to help a child walk for God. Below is the Code that we Royal Rangers like to follow and teach. If you have a child that needs this in their life look up the local patrole.

Ranger DJ

Ranger patrole 139

Royal Rangers Code

Alert   he is mentally physically and spiritually alert.

Clean he is clean in body mind and speech.

Honest he does not lie cheat or steal.

Courageous he Brave spite of danger criticism and threats.

Loyal he is fateful to his family church outpost and friend.

Courteous he is polite kind and thoughtful.

Obedient he obeys his parent's leaders and those in authority.

Spiritual he prays reads the Bible and witnesses.